Bookscrew Stainless OMS

Bookscrew stainless steel OMS to be composed by ordering the bolt to the desired length and ordering the desired type of nut


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Bookscrew OMS
  • Ecrou fendu avec joint OMS
  • Boulon inox mâle 12mm
  • Boulon inox mâle 18mm
  • Boulon inox mâle 22mm
  • Ecrou large OMS

Stainless steel bookscrew consisting of one screw and one nut OMS

Stainless steel bolt and nut to be assembled, consisting of a screw and a nut with flat heads to hold accessories on a plate (padded reinforcement, safety back cover...) or to attach a wing to a harness plate.

Available in several lengths.

Please note that the male bolt is sold separately from the female nut. (see list of available products under the price of the article).

The female nuts are sold in 2 models:

  • A large model of 19 mm
  • A thinner model of 9mm diameter with O-ring

Male bolts are available in 3 lengths:

  • 12 mm (for assembly of 2 components such as a padded cover)
  • 18 mm (for assembly of 3 components)
  • 22 mm (for assembly of 3 to 4 components)

OMS A11518049
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