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SUPE, fabricant d'éclairages à LED de plongée sous-marine haut de gamme et d'accessoires photo

SUPE, fabricant d'éclairages à LED distribué par TEK Plongée sous-marine haut de gamme et d'accessoires photo

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Adjustable Arms (Ball Mount) ARM-AJ SUPE

These adjustable arms will extend 7 inches to 10 inches (18.6 cm to 26.6 cm).

These arms are made from anodized aluminum and allows for more versatility in your setup. They are easily adjusted by removing the dual set-screws and sliding to your desired position.  


copy of Flash D-MAX strobe SUPE


Un monstre de puissance avec sa puissance de sortie de 250 Watt/secondes. Il écrase ses concurrents avec un gain de 165% de puissance en comparaison des prédécesseurs les plus puissants du marché 2021 comme les flashs DS160 et RETRA PRO.

Son tube de flash...


copy of V6K video light SUPE

Le Scubalamp V6K est un phare-compact à LED spécialement conçu pour la vidéo et photo sous-marine. Le V6K bénéficie d'une puissance d'éclairage de 12000/6000 lumens en lumière blanche. La température de couleur de 5600º Kelvin aide à la production de vidéos vivantes et colorées et des images...


D-MAX strobe SUPE

Guide number ISO100 : 32

Flash tube : circular flash tube

Flash output : 250 Watts

Connection : optical cable / 5 pin syn cord/Slave mode

Beam angle : 120 degree

Output : 8 steps: 5%->10%->20%->30%->40%->60%->80%->100%.  


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Detachable Arms DE-ARM 10'' SUPE

These arms attach to standard 1 inch Ball joints, and you can select a mounting base in either BALL or YS for your light head.

Why we prefer these on our camera systems?  The detachable arms allow us to extend beyond the range of or our traditional arms. We can [detach] remove a light...

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Lens FLIP Diopters - Single (S01) SUPE

 Secure design with machined anodized aluminum adapter. Screws into, and works, with any port with 67mm threads including all macro ports ,and several fault ports for mirrorless cameras.

3-Clip lock keeps the lens from flipping out while you are filming your subject while the spring...


Scubalamp RD80 V2 LED Dive Light SUPE

SUPE Scubalamp RD80v2 LED Recreational Diving Torch - 1500 lumens

This latest version of the RD80 has 1500 lumens - extra bright and more buring time.

The RD80v2 has been tested to 100m and this great light uses 21700 Li-Ion battery (included), Burning time is up to 3.5hours. One...


Scubalamp V6K 12000 lumens SUPE video & focus light

Scubalamp V6K v2

Scubalamp V6K, amazing new video & focus light. The V6K is equipped with one 30mm COB LED emitting a staggering 12000 lumen. Featuring two quick output levels, the V6K can dim from Turbo mode (12000 lm) to Normal mode (6000 lm) as well as steppless dimming from 100%...

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TG20 Camera Tray Dual Handle SUPE

TG20 Universal Turntable. Ideal for GoPro housings, compact housings, Micro 4/3 and SLR housings

 Supplied with:

  • 1 double width adjustable stage from 302 to 356 mm
  • 2 ergonomic aluminium handles with 25mm ball and
  • The housing is fixed with two...
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V3K video light 5000 lumens SUPE

Mode: On->100%(5000lumens at 40mins) ->75%->50%(2500lumens at 80mins)->Off.  

Stepless Dimming(long pressing)

Working Voltage: 12.6V

Compatible Battery: 3*18650 battery pack  

Depth Rating at 100M

Beam angel: wide angle at 120 degree.