• V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE
  • V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE
  • V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE
  • V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE
  • V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE
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V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE

V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens SUPE

SUPE Scubalamp V3K v3 video Light - 5,600 lumens


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V3K v3 video light 5600 lumens Supe / cubalamp :

The V3K v3 is a compact video light, perfect match with compact camera, Gopro and phone underwater video. The V3K v3 from Supe is also good as a photography focus light.


The V3k V3 photo/video lamp from SCUBALAMP features an adjustable power dimmer controlled by two buttons (+ and -) across 9 lighting power levels.

Once your lamp is turned on, simply press the + or - button to instantly increase or decrease the intensity of your light beam. You'll see on a small screen located between the two buttons which power mode you're in (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

This dimmer is extremely handy if you want to quickly adjust your light beam according to the surrounding environment during your diving outings!


Technical specifications:

  • Mode: adjustable across 9 power levels with the two buttons of the dimmer
  • Operating voltage: 12.6V
  • Compatible battery: 3x18650 batteries
  • Nominal depth up to 100 meters
  • Beam angle: wide angle at 120 degrees.
  • Color temperature (CCK): 5600K
  • Self-lubricating seals
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 96
  • Red 9 (R9): 94
  • Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI): 97
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Power indicator on the button switch: Green (power > 70%) → Yellow (> 30%) → Red (< 30%)
  • High-quality aviation aluminum alloy with military-grade oxidation III housing for robustness and corrosion resistance in seawater.
  • Internal circulation conduction to reduce body corrosion.


  • Length 145mm x 46mm x 60mm (head)
  • Weight: 506g (on land with battery)

Box contents:

  • V3K V3 Video Light from Supe
  • 25mm ball mount adapter
  • 3x18650 Lithium Ion battery CE standard
  • Lithium battery charger + European plug
  • Self-lubricating spare seals
  • Case
  • User manual
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User manual for V3Kv3 SUPE

User manual for V3Kv3 Scubalamp

Download (473.89KB)
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