• Tank/wing quick release couplings
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Tank/wing quick release couplings

Tank/wing quick release couplings

Tank/wing quick release couplings CUSTOM DIVERS


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Tank/wing quick release couplings CUSTOM DIVERS

This assembler offers a new way to mount your wing on twin bottle or single bottle systems. You can also use it to mount, for example, a backup bottle.

Installation is very simple. With the additional fittings provided, mount the male or female part of the assembler in the middle of your twin bottle set via the bolts that secure your stainless steel cylinder twinning bands. Alternatively, mount your single bottle system via cam bands or stainless steel 'jubilee' bands (not included). The other half of the assembler is attached to your wing using the provided bolt kit. Then, slide the assembler together. Before coupling the two racks, lift the locking handle and, once fully coupled, release and ensure that the racks are locked together. Now screw the pull handle clockwise to fully lock the system.

This assembler is particularly useful when mixing and matching bottle sets for different gas mixes and during refilling. Additional male or female fittings are available separately for this purpose. Various sizes of cam bands and stainless steel 'jubilee' bands are available as accessories.


  • Male and female coupler and bolt kit made of marine-grade stainless steel.
  • Bracket size: 390 x 44 x 22 mm.
  • Total weight with bolt kit: 0.9 kg.
  • Please note that it is also possible to purchase the couplers separately.
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